• The best way to help a student learn
    is to learn the student.
    Our technology learns what students are doing well and what they are
    struggling with, creating a customized learning experience.

adaptive learning platform


Our Adaptive Learning Platform analyzes every student's practice tests to quantify performance in dozens and dozens of specific content areas. The content areas are the building blocks of the test, and this analysis guides homework assignments, matching students to study plans that are custom-designed to bring improvement in the most critical areas.


Test prep is all about spending time and resources in the right places. Homework is a crucial part of this process, but not all homework plans are created equal. Our adaptive platform allows students to spend their time in the areas where they get the most improvement for their time, bringing the biggest score improvements possible.


This advanced analysis allows us to track a student's improvement in specific content areas. Rather than simply knowing a student's score has gone up, we can know which specific problem types are responsible for the improvement and which ones still present opportunities, guiding further efforts while showing past successes.

Better technology means bigger score improvements.

Our Adaptive Learning Platform analyzes student performance on official practice tests to identify how well they are performing in dozens of micro-content areas, which are small, specific skills and knowledge areas we have identified on the test. Breaking the test down into such small pieces allows us to get a better view of the exact areas in which students are doing well and those in which they need more help.

Our platform automatically generates a wealth of information when it analyzes practice tests. Parents and students both receive these score reports, and they contain detailed information about the student's performance over time and his or her biggest areas of both strength and weakness. The reports are easy to read, clear and extremely useful.

Homework assignments and future prep efforts are entirely geared around these reports. Our idea is simple yet powerful: if we don't know where a student actually is, it's tough to help him or her get where they need to go. We use these reports as a picture of where the student stands, and our vast database of practice problems is organized in a way that allows us to give the student assignments that are specifically designed to address the issues we see on the reports.

Effective test prep is all about spending time and resources in the right place. Our technology platform gives us insight into where the most fruitful areas lie, allowing us to prep a student more efficiently and produce bigger score improvements.

Test Geek offers an unparalled combination of expert instructors, effective curriculum and advanced technology.

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