• We partner with schools to raise test
    scores and help students succeed.

Higher scores lead to more open doors.

We love partnering with schools around the nation to help their students have more open doors. The impact test scores have on college accessibility for students is absolutely undeniable, but many schools offer little SAT and ACT preparation for their students. We want to change this, so we have a variety of options for schools that are surprisingly affordable yet incredibly effective. We can work within the confines of tight school budgets to find a way to help your students get prep that will expand their college possibilities.

Our school-based programs all feature the same 99th percentile instructors, adaptive learning technology and proprietary curriculum as our traditional programs. Students enrolled in school-based programs get the same great 24/7 access to dozens of video content tutorials and take official, proctored practice exams just like all of our other students. Regardless of the custom solution we create for your school, you can be assured that your students are receiving the best test prep available.

We have created a partnership proposal that highlights a few of the options available to schools. The possibilities range from simply providing discounted classroom programs that students purchase straight from Test Geek to fully integrated programs that the school can design and host. Keep in mind that we are very flexible with school-based programs, and we'd love to talk about what we can do to help your school and meet your needs.

Take a look at our partnership proposal to get an idea of some of the options available to your school.

Partnership Proposal


Resources for Improvement

In addition to the actual classroom instruction we provide, your students will have access to some really powerful tools that are proven to raise scores.

24/7 Online Content Video Access

Every content area on the tests is covered in our online content videos, which your students can access at any time, day or night.

Adaptive Learning Insight

Your students' practice tests will be analyzed by our Adapative Learning Platform, giving them valuable insight and a custom study plan to improve.

Official Practice Tests

We only administer practice tests that are produced by the actual test makers, so your students can know that they won't be surprised on test day.

Effective Test Geek Curriculum

Every student receives the two-part Test Geek curriculum set, which includes The Test Geek Guide and our practice problem Big Book.

Better Prep Means Better Scores

Like most things, the quality of test prep is determined by the quality of the things that go into it. Our school programs provide better prep to your students in three ways:

Our instructor hiring process is incredibly rigorous. First, we start only with candidates who have scored in the 99th percentile on the test they will teach. We then put them through multiple rounds of teaching auditions to ensure they are engaging, fun and can handle both the classroom and private tutoring. We don't want brainiacs who are boring in the classroom and aren't skilled educators. The select few who make it through this process then undergo our training program, ensuring they have complete mastery of both the content they will teach and the Test Geek teaching method.
The Test Geek curriculum is entirely proprietary, meaning you can't find it anywhere other than in a Test Geek program. It is a complete guide to the two tests we teach, and it offers insights and tips that simply aren't covered in other books. Every student enrolled in a Test Geek program will receive a copy of two books: one Test Geek Guide book, outlining all of the must-know content a student needs to do well, and a book of practice problems. These books work collaboratively, introducing new concepts and offering the student to practice his or her new skills on real, test-like problems. There will be no surprises on test day!
The Test Geek Adaptive Learning Platform (ALT) offers incredibly useful insights into a student's performance, detailing the specific types of problems a student is doing well on and those where more improvement is needed. The value of this system to a student is tough to overstate. Test prep is all about spending time and resources in the right places, and ALT identifies which areas will bring the best return on time spent. After every practice test, students will receive a custom-generated score report with valuable information about how they performed in a broad range of areas. This report will serve as the guide for that student's homework assignments during the week, ensuring that every problem worked will bring the most improvement possible.