The most effective prep program available
    Totally customized, incredibly efficient
    Maximum score improvements

More customized. More Efficient. More Improvement.

Test prep is all about spending the right amount of time in the right areas. Every student comes to us with different strengths and weaknesses, and only private tutoring allows us to completely customize a program based around the specific areas where the student needs the most attention.

Because we're able to build the entire program around the student, we can simply get more done in less time. That translates into bigger score improvements and a smaller distraction in the student's busy schedule. Sessions are scheduled at the student's convenience, and sessions can take place in the home with a parent present. Alternatively, sessions can take place in our secure, video-monitored facility or a public library.

Who is a good candidate for private tutoring? Typically, we recommend private tutoring in cases where a student needs a particularly big score improvement, is starting with an especially high or especially low score, has a specific subject area that is a major weakness or has some sort of learning obstacle that makes learning in a traditional classroom less effective. Sometimes students who are seeking major scholarships also elect to do private tutoring simply because the dollars and cents of such scholarships make it worth their while to ensure they get the score they need.

Private tutoring is the best of both worlds. Students have access to the same official, proctored practice exams and online resources classroom students do. They also work through the same highly targeted, effective Test Geek curriculum. They simply have an expert Test Geek instructor working with them one-on-one every step of the way, making sure the student is learning everything needed to get the biggest score improvement possible.

Private Tutoring Packages

Private Tutoring Advantages

maximum efficiency

The entire program is designed around the student's strengths and weaknesses, and scheduling fits perfectly around the student's other commitments.

biggest score improvements

A Test Geek private tutoring program is hands-down the most powerful way to massively raise scores in the shortest possible time.

Tons of Resources

Private tutoring packages come with tons of online resources, official practice tests, the Test Geek curriculum book set and dozens of content videos.

Unrivaled Tutor Access

Private tutoring students develop a special relationship with their tutor, and the tutor crafts the program specifically for the student.

How it Works

From beginning to end, the Test Geek private tutoring program is all about the student. Here's a snapshot of what you can look forward to:

Tutor Match

After discussing your student's unique situation and needs, we match one of our expert tutors specifically for your student. The tutor will reach out to both you and your student to make introductions and schedule the first session at a time that is convenient for both of you. Sessions typically last two hours and can be held in your home, our secure, video-monitored facility or a public library.

One-on-One Sessions

The tutor will schedule sessions directly with you and your student. Our tutors come into every session with specific goals and objectives that will help your student improve, and you will receive email notes after every session to keep you informed of the progress your student is making.

Practice Tests

Like all Test Geek programs, private tutoring relies heavily on practice tests as a baseline to guide tutoring sessions. Your student's tests will be analyzed by our Adaptive Learning Platform, giving the tutor important information about which content areas have the most room for improvement. This information is used to design subsequent sessions to address these areas and improve future scores.

Customized Homework

Based on the results of practice tests and observations during sessions, the tutor will assign your student homework after every session. This homework is expected to be completed before the next session, but it is always assigned with the understanding that most students have a lot going on. Completing this homework is a critical part of bringing scores up, and the tutor will typically review this work at the beginning of the next session.

Test Geek Private Tutoring Packages

We have a package designed to fit your situation. If you are uncertain about which package is best for you, give us a call so we can better discuss your needs. Like all of our programs, private tutoring packages come with our score improvement guarantee.*

12 Hours


  • 6 Sessions
  • 4 Official Practice Tests
  • 6 Months Online Access



  • 12 Sessions
  • 5 Official Practice Tests
  • 12 Months Online Access



  • 18 Sessions
  • Unlimited Official Practice Tests
  • Unlimited Online Access



  • 25 Sessions
  • Unlimited Official Practice Tests
  • Unlimited Online Access
  • College Essay assistance included