We provide comprehensive SAT and ACT prep programs in Denver, including classroom courses and private tutoring. Our SAT and ACT prep programs raise test scores, help students gain admission to great schools and save parents thousands of dollars through scholarships. We offer SAT and ACT classroom courses for every test date, and our private tutoring programs offer the chance to completely customize the learning process.

99th Percentile Instructors

Instructor quality matters. That's why every Test Geek tutor has scored in the top 1% on the test they teach -- the highest standard in the industry.

Official Practice Tests

There is no substitute for practicing on the real deal, so all of our programs include official, timed practice tests with detailed results reports.

Guaranteed Score Improvement

We guarantee students in our programs will see score improvements. We back this guarantee up with free prep until the student's score goes up.*


We offer two different tutoring tracks: private tutoring and classroom courses. Both tracks feature the same 99th percentile instructors, the same effective curriculum and a ton of online resources. Private tutoring offers the ultimate tutoring experience in a customized, one-on-one environment, and classroom courses offer very effective prep and significant score increases at an incredible value.

Classroom Courses

For a full description of our classroom courses, check out our classroom courses main page. We offer live classroom courses in Denver for every SAT and ACT test date. Follow the links below to view schedule and cost:

Private Tutoring

Private tutoring is our premier prep program, and it matches your student directly with an expert 99th percentile instructor. For a detailed description of our private tutoring, check out our private tutoring main page. Private tutoring has a lot of advantages:


Private tutoring offers a 1:1 student-tutor ratio, improving learning efficiency and making sessions more effective.


Sessions are scheduled directly with the tutor and can be held in your home, so students can fit tutoring in while keeping their other commitments.


The entire program is customized based on the student's strengths and weaknesses, making private tutoring the most effective prep available.

Private Tutoring Packages

Questions? Speak with an expert: (720) 500-2940


Top-notch instruction brings the biggest SAT and ACT score improvements, which is why all of our instructors have scored in the top 1% on the test they teach -- the highest standard in the industry. Students also have the advantage of our adaptive learning technology, which analyzes every student's SAT and ACT practice tests to identify the specific subcategories where he or she is doing well and where the biggest opportunities for improvement lie. This technology guides future instruction and homework assignments, and it can mean massive SAT and ACT score improvements. Finally, all of our programs feature a score improvement guarantee. Simply put, we are so confident that our SAT and ACT programs will improve scores that we guarantee your score will go up, or we'll give you free tutoring until it does.

Bottom line: Our SAT and ACT programs are hands-down the most advanced, adaptive and effective programs available in Denver.

What Our Customers Think

I started with an ACT score that was pretty average, and as a good student, that wasn't good enough. After working with Test Geek, I ended up with a score that was good enough to get me into my top-choice school and earn a 50% scholarship. I highly recommend Test Geek to any student who wants to become a better college applicant and compete for scholarship money.Morgan Davis, former student

We Do Things Differently

All Programs Include:

Whether our SAT and ACT classroom courses, private tutoring or online live tutoring best matches your needs, you will receive access to unparalled resources that are guaranteed to produce better scores.

Content-Specific Video Tutorials

Unlimited access to over 50 videos covering individual SAT and ACT content areas, allowing students to gain additional instruction at their convenience.

Custom Study Plan

All students receive custom study plans, generated by our Adaptive Learning Platform, that are based on their SAT and ACT practice test results.

Realistic Practice Tests

Our SAT and ACT practice tests are designed to mimick test day as much as possible, so there will be no surprises when the big day comes.

Thousands of Practice Problems

All students will receive the Test Geek Practice Book, ensuring they have more than enough opportunity to practice the SAT and ACT skills they learn.

The Test Geek Difference

Like most things, the quality of SAT and ACT test prep is determined by the quality of the things that go into it. Test Geek offers the best SAT and ACT test prep available in Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs for three reasons:

Our SAT and ACT instructor hiring process is incredibly rigorous. First, we start only with candidates who have scored in the 99th percentile on the test they will teach. We then put them through multiple rounds of teaching auditions to ensure they are engaging, fun and can handle both the classroom and private tutoring. We don't want brainiacs who are boring in the classroom and aren't skilled educators. The select few who make it through this process then undergo our training program, ensuring they have complete mastery of both the content they will teach and the Test Geek teaching method.
The Test Geek curriculum is entirely proprietary, meaning you can't find it anywhere other than in a Test Geek program. It is a complete guide to the SAT and ACT, and it offers insights and tips that simply aren't covered in other books. Every student enrolled in a Test Geek SAT or ACT program will receive a copy of two books: one Test Geek Guide book, outlining all of the must-know content a student needs to do well, and a book of practice problems. These books work collaboratively, introducing new concepts and offering the student to practice his or her new skills on real, test-like problems. There will be no surprises on test day!
The Test Geek Adaptive Learning Platform offers incredibly useful insights into a student's performance, detailing the specific types of problems a student is doing well on and those where more improvement is needed. The value of this system to a student is tough to overstate. SAT and ACT Test prep is all about spending time and resources in the right places, and our platform identifies which areas will bring the best return on time spent. After every SAT or ACT practice test, students will receive a custom-generated score report with valuable information about how they performed in a broad range of areas. This report will serve as the guide for that student's homework assignments during the week, ensuring that every problem worked will bring the most improvement possible.

Questions? Speak with an expert: (720) 500-2940

2017-2018 SAT Test Dates

Below are the official test dates for the SAT for the 2016-2017 school year. To view registration deadlines and late registration information, click on each date. To view ACT dates, visit our about the ACT page. Register for the SAT through College Board. Register for the ACT through ACT, Inc.

Registration deadline is July 28, 2017. Late registration (with additional fee) runs until August 15, 2017.
Registration deadline is September 8, 2017. Late registration (with additional fee) runs until September 27, 2017.
Registration deadline is October 5, 2017. Late registration (with additional fee) runs until October 25, 2017.
Registration deadline is November 2, 2017. Late registration (with additional fee) runs until November 21, 2017.
Registration deadline is February 9, 2018. Late registration (with additional fee) runs until February 28, 2018.
Registration deadline is April 6, 2018. Late registration (with additional fee) runs until April 25, 2018.
Registration deadline is May 3, 2018. Late registration (with additional fee) runs until May 23, 2018.