We are passionate about creating the most engaging, effective SAT prep & ACT prep programs available. We offer both classroom courses and private tutoring for every SAT & ACT test date, and our approach has a strong track record of producing impressive improvements for all types of students.

Top 1% Tutors

All of our instructors have scored in the top 1% on the test they teach, which is the highest standard in the industry. They have also passed multiple rounds of teaching auditions and completed a rigorous training program.

Score Improvement Guarantee

We are so sure that your student's SAT or ACT score will go up that we are willing to put a guarantee on it. If you don't see improvement, we will give you free test prep until you do.*

Lots of Test Prep Options

We offer both one-on-one ACT & SAT tutoring and prep classes for every SAT & ACT test date. Whether you are looking for a group setting or a highly-customized private tutoring setting, we have you covered.

Official SAT & ACT Practice Tests

Our students practice on the real deal. Every practice test we administer and every homework problem your student will do will be from an official SAT or ACT exam. There is no substitute for practicing on the real thing.

Targeted Homework

Practice is a big part of improvement, so all students receive homework out of real exams that is designed to reflect what has been covered in class. Homework is reviewed at the start of every prep session.

Flexible Scheduling

High school students are busy, so our ACT & SAT private tutoring prep options offer incredibly flexible scheduling. We work nights and weekends so your student can get the prep needed to go big places.


"I have never been more pleased with a company for its customer service, attention to detail, individual needs of their clients, as well as genuinely caring about the people they are serving!! My daughter improved her ACT scored over 7 points from the pre-tests she took to the actual test... I would highly and without reservation recommend Test Geek for ANY student's SAT and ACT prep, regardless if they are struggling or just want to achieve a better score. There is no better company out there....period!!!"Sheena M, Test Geek Parent
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SAT & ACT prep can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, we've compiled everything you need to know into just one minute!

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Better Tutors Mean Bigger Improvements

The single biggest factor that will determine your son or daughter's improvement and overall experience is the quality of the tutor. We are passionate about having the best tutors, and this shows in our extremely selective hiring and training process. Below is a glimpse into what it takes to become a Test Geek tutor:

Top 1% Test Scores

Every Test Geek instructor has scored in the top 1% on the SAT or the ACT, which is the highest standard in the industry. High test scores aren't enough to be a great tutor, but they are a necessary part of it.

Excellent Communicators

Great test scores aren't enough to be a good teacher. All of our tutors undergo multiple rounds of teaching auditions before being hired. We are looking for individuals who can ask great questions, connect with students and keep the energy level high during sessions.

Graduates of Top Universities

We generally don't hire college undergrads. All of our instructors are graduates of top universities, and their strong academic backgrounds are assets that allow them to offer your son or daughter a premium experience.

The Test Geek Difference

Like most things, the quality of ACT & SAT prep is determined by the quality of the things that go into it. Test Geek offers premium, highly effective ACT & SAT prep with some significant advantages:

Our ACT and SAT tutor hiring process is incredibly rigorous. First, we start only with candidates who have scored in the top 1% on the test they teach. We then put them through multiple rounds of teaching auditions to ensure they are engaging, fun and can handle both prep classes and private tutoring. We don't want brainiacs who are boring in the classroom and aren't skilled educators. The select few who make it through this process then undergo our training program, ensuring they have complete mastery of both the content they will teach and the Test Geek teaching method.
Our ACT and SAT prep programs heavily feature official practice tests. We utilize official exams for homework and practice test purposes. There is no substitute for students spending time working on actual test problems from the test makers. Many companies use third party tests, and while these tests can often mimick the look and feel of real questions, their scoring is almost never accurate. Our students know where they stand on the real test because they regularly do the real test. There will be no surprises on test day!
Our curriculum is proprietary, meaning you cannot find it anywhere other than in a Test Geek program. Every student in our ACT & SAT prep programs will receive a full copy of our material, which covers all aspects of the test and includes hundreds of practice problems. Our approach is simple: Cover the relevant content, give the student guided practice and then apply it to official practice tests.

Pick Your Program

We offer two different tutoring tracks: private tutoring and classroom courses. Both tracks feature the same 99th percentile instructors, the same effective curriculum and a ton of online resources. Private tutoring offers a more customized experience and bigger score improvements, but classroom courses offer very effective prep and significant score increases at an incredible value.

Classroom Courses

For a description of our classroom courses, check out our prep classes main page. We offer live SAT & ACT prep classes for every test date. Follow the link below to find the location nearest you and view upcoming courses.

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Private Tutoring

For a detailed description of our private tutoring, check out our private tutoring main page. In most cases, our tutors can either come to you or meet you at a nearby public library. Follow the link below to view our packages.

Private Tutoring Packages


ACT & SAT prep makes sense for a lot of students, and your student might be one of them. We've answered most of the questions we often receive below, but if we haven't answered yours, feel free to give us a call.

When should students start their SAT & ACT prep?

The simple answer: during the junior year. Students who need large improvements may want to start earlier. We are big advocates of picking the test date based on the student's schedule. If your son or daughter has a busy spring with lots of sports, maybe consider the December SAT & ACT and do most of the prep during the fall. If summer works well, the summer before the junior year is a great option. Most students have already covered all of the relevant content in school by the end of their sophomore year, so it really just comes down to picking the best time during the junior year.

How do I register for the SAT or ACT?

You can register for the SAT through College Board here. ACT registration is done through ACT, Inc.. When going through the registration process, you may be asked to login to your existing account or create a new account. You will also be able to pick which location you would like to take the test at. Most major high schools offer the test on every test date. Important: Registering for a Test Geek SAT program is not the same thing as registering for the SAT or ACT, and you must still register for the actual test separately.

Do I have to take the essay?

For both the SAT and the ACT, it depends on the colleges you are considering. The essay is not a required part of either test, but some colleges do require it. If you are looking at attending one of these colleges, you should take the essay. Most college admissions websites will state whether they require the essay, and you can also call their admissions department and ask. All of our SAT & ACT prep programs include the opportunity to prep for the essay if needed. While we are of the belief that it is by far the least important portion of the test, we don't want our students to have an essay score that raises any "red flags." We have a very concise, useful plan of attack that we use to get our students ready to churn out reliably good scores on the SAT & ACT essays.

Can students prep for the SAT or ACT by themselves?

Possibly. Some students have had good luck going this route. But it's a tough task, and it requires a lot of self-motivation, organization and time. We never like to tell students to not try this option; truthfully, sometimes it works great. But many high schoolers are pressed for time, and having the luxury of an expert tutor guiding them in terms of both what to study and how to study is incredibly effective. What we bring to the table is not just a person who knows a lot about the SAT & ACT. Our tutors know what content areas are likely to show up and which aren't, making our program very efficient in terms of time and cost. Another factor is that there is a limited time window to get this right. College admissions deadlines are a real thing, and no student wants to find out that they are out of time to do prep because their self-study plan didn't go as well as expected.

Will colleges always look at the best SAT & ACT scores?

Generally, yes. The first question is whether the college you and your student are considering allows Score Choice, which is the opportunity to only send the scores you want. Many schools allow this, but some don't. Regardless of whether they allow Score Choice, however, nearly every school will look at the best score. In fact, some will even superscore, which means they will take the highest score from each section to form the best possible score. So if your student is considering sitting for a test date that might be prior to his or her real "target date," go for it. There's almost certainly no harm in it, and there's a good chance that the extra "dress rehearsal" could pay off.

Is SAT or ACT private tutoring better than classroom courses?

In most cases, yes. We also offer SAT & ACT prep classes, and they can be quite effective for a lot of students. But having a highly-qualified instructor working one-on-one with your student is hard to beat. Our SAT & ACT private tutoring program is built completely around the needs of your student, and that makes it more effective for most students. For students who are far above or below the national average score, it's a no brainer: private tutoring will almost always be better for those students.

What is a good SAT or ACT score?

A good test score is the score that allows the student to get into the school he or she wants to get into and be competitive for scholarships (if necessary). This varies massively between students. For a kid who is set on Harvard, a 1350 on the SAT (ACT equivalent: 29) is probably not a good score. For most students, however, a 1350/29 is a great score. The national average for all SAT test takers is around 1000 (ACT average: 20), the 75th percentile is 1200 (ACT: 24), the 90th percentile is 1350 (ACT: 29) and the 99th percentile is 1500 (ACT: 34). A perfect score is a 1600 (ACT: 36).

I have a really tight schedule. Can I fit SAT or ACT tutoring in?

Yes! Our private tutoring program allows students to schedule directly with the tutor. Our tutors have great evening and weekend availability, and this allows us to accomodate even the busiest of schedules. We have been able to work with some ridiculously busy students in the past, and there's a good chance that we can find something that works for you as well. Classroom course schedules are posted in advance, so you can determine whether those will work before signing up.

What are your tutors' qualifications?

This is the most important question you can ask before picking a tutor. The quality of the tutor matters more than anything else in this process. Our tutors have several important distinctions. First, they have all scored in the top 1% on the SAT or ACT. That is an incredibly high standard, and it is far higher than that of most companies offering SAT & ACT prep. However, being great at the SAT or ACT doesn't mean someone can teach those exams. We want tutors who can connect with students, so we put all of our tutor candidates through multiple rounds of teaching auditions to make sure they are good educators rather than just brainiacs. Finally, all of our test prep tutors have graduated from top universities. We don't hire undergraduates. This combination of maturity, SAT & ACT expertise and teaching ability is powerful, and it has a proven record of producing serious score improvements.

Where do private tutoring sessions take place?

Most of our SAT & ACT private tutoring students have sessions in their house. If you would prefer to have them elsewhere, or if geography dictates we have them elsewhere, public libraries are our preferred backup option. In extreme cases, coffee shops can work as well. This is not ideal, but it can work in certain cases.

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