This is LIVE online tutoring

This is tutoring across a table, conducted through a screen. This isn't a self-paced automatic program that puts your student on autopilot and lets them check out. This is live, online, 1-on-1 tutoring with a real tutor on the other side.

Scheduling is flexible. The program is customized. Come see what live tutoring with a top 1% tutor can do for your student.

Live Tutoring

Your student will have the same tutor every session, and all sessions are live. We'll move at your student's speed.

Paper Books

Our online students work out of the same books our in-person students do, including our Solved curriculum book.

Official Practice Test Homework

There's no substitute for the real thing. All homework is from official practice tests, and we begin sessions with homework review.

60+ HD Videos

Students get access to our Video Vault, which features 60+ HD videos that cover every concept we teach during sessions.

What does a live online session look like? Take a look!

Our methods and technology replicate in-person tutoring, leading to big improvement for your student.

Our Tutoring Success Stories

SAT prep

My tutor was beyond the best tutor I’ve had. She personalized each session based on my needs and taught me a different perspective on how to tackle the SAT with strategies and techniques that helped me on test day!


Real Test Geek Student

ACT prep

This tutoring program was recommended to me by a friend who had amazing results. I loved the very flexible scheduling and how engaging the program is. I was very hesitant at first, but my tutor made it a very fun environment.


Real Test Geek Student

Get your top 1% tutor and beat the test.

We'll have you in touch with your tutor within 48 hours.

What happens after I sign up?


Tutor Match Within 48 Hours

Within a couple days of registration, we'll send you an email with your tutor's bio and contact information. At the same time, we'll send your tutor your information. The two of you can get together and schedule your first session.


Flexible Scheduling, Directly with your Tutor

We work around crazy student schedules, and we hold sessions on evenings and weekends. You can schedule your sessions directly with your tutor, and you don't need to meet at the same time each week.


Your Tutor Sends Session Links

Prior to each session, your tutor will send you links to join the session. Most of our sessions are held over Zoom or with digital whiteboard education software.


Send Tutor Prior Scores Before First Session

Prior to your first session, send your tutor your prior test scores (if you have any). Our tutors want to customize the program for students, and the more information they have, the more effective sessions will be.

The Love Your Tutor Guarantee means you get matched to the right expert.

Our students almost always think their tutors are smart, likeable and effective. But if you happen to think the match isn't perfect, give us a call. We won't count the session, we'll chat about what you'd like to see change and we'll reassign you to a different tutor based on your feedback. This rarely happens, but it's important that you are as happy with our tutors as we are.

Last year, we hired fewer than 3% of our tutoring applicants.


virtual sat tutoring

Technology that Appears Invisible

Our online tutoring sessions replicate our in-person tutoring sessions. Our tutors have access to a suite of platforms that allow them to do what they do best. The goal is not for the technology to be the centerpiece. The goal is for the technology to appear invisible. We can teach math with a digital whiteboard that is as easy to use as a chalkboard. We can switch between video chat and concept visuals easier than a student in a classroom can open to a page in a book. The end result is that student focus is on SAT & ACT strategies rather than clunky technology.

The advantages to all of this? You get to work with the best tutor available, not just the tutor who happens to be near you. You get more flexibility with session length, and you save time by not driving to and from sessions. Best of all, if you don't like the format, we'll give you a full refund.*

Score-Raising Prep Tools

Our programs come with tons of tools to help your student make consistent improvement in between sessions. Our Video Vault features 60+ HD concept videos, highlighting core skills necessary to do well on the SAT & ACT. Our Test Prep Essentials flash card set helps your student reinforce important strategies and small points that are critical to scoring well.

The heart of our work in between sessions is the customized homework your student's will will assign out of the provided official practice tests. There's no better prep for the real thing than the real thing, so all of our homework is out of official SAT & ACT practice tests.

online test prep


Pick your plan or give us a call today.

Online SAT & ACT Tutoring FAQ

Online SAT & ACT tutoring is one of the most effective things we do, and it makes sense for a lot of students. We've answered most of the questions we often receive below, but if we haven't answered yours, feel free to give us a call at 866-210-4335 for a free, on-the-spot phone consultation.

Is your online test prep program customized for my student's needs?

Yes, completely. The main advantage of online private tutoring is that time is spent exactly where your student needs it most rather than based on some pre-determined formula. If your student is really good at algebra but struggles with geometry, we will spend more time on geometry. Another big aspect of the customization is that homework problems are reviewed one-on-one as well, so your student will be getting direct attention on the problems he or she missed. This combination of specific attention is very powerful, and it is the primary reason our online test prep is so effective.

Is the scheduling for 1-on-1 online tutoring flexible?

Yes! Unlike our online group classes, our online 1-on-1 tutoring program does not have a fixed schedule. It is entirely up to you and your student. Many of our students have incredibly busy schedules, and we have been able to accommodate them well in the past. Our tutors have excellent evening and weekend availability, so we can work with nearly any scheduling requirements.

What if I don't like my tutor?

We are extremely picky about the tutors we hire, and this almost never happens. Not only are our tutors required to have a 99th percentile SAT or ACT score, they also go through rigorous teaching auditions to ensure they are good communicators who can connect with high school students. However, personalities differ, and occasionally things don't mesh in an ideal way. Our Love your Tutor Guarantee means you can always request a tutor change, and we will assign a new tutor who might be a better fit. But again, this is almost never requested.

What are your tutors' qualifications?

This is the most important question you can ask before picking an online SAT or ACT tutor. The quality of the tutor matters more than anything else in this process. Our tutors have several important distinctions. First, they have all scored in the top 1% on the SAT or ACT. That is an incredibly high standard, and it is far higher than that of most companies offering test prep. However, being great at the SAT or ACT doesn't mean someone can teach those tests. We want tutors who can connect with students, so we put all of our tutor candidates through multiple rounds of teaching auditions to make sure they are good educators rather than just brainiacs. Finally, all of our tutors have graduated from top universities. We don't hire undergraduates. This combination of maturity, test expertise and teaching ability is powerful, and it has a proven record of producing serious test score improvements.

When should we start? How often will sessions take place?

We figure out when to start tutoring based on your target test date. If you don't have a target SAT or ACT test date yet, your goal should be for your student to have the score he or she needs by the end of their junior year. Sometimes that isn't possible, and the first couple of test dates during the senior year will work as well. Once we have the target test date figured out, we work backwards to determine tutoring session frequency. Our "benchmark" frequency is about once per week. However, there is certainly nothing wrong with going more frequently than this. Twice or even three times per week can be done successfully if the student's schedule allows it. We do not recommend meeting significantly less often than once per week, thought. We have found it to be inefficient in most cases.

I just want to focus my online test prep on one section of the test. Can that be done?

Yes, absolutely. We have had students focus on as little as a single topic area within a section before. Our ACT and SAT online tutoring program is completely customizable, which means you can use it however you see fit. One word of caution, however: Often, it is difficult to predict which sections will improve the most for a given student. It isn't unusual for a student to see significant improvements in the area that was originally his or her biggest strength. In most cases, points are points, no matter where they come from.

Will the online tutoring sessions cover test taking strategies?

Yes. Our tutoring program is designed to be comprehensive for students who need comprehensive prep (excluding students who specifically want to focus on one portion of the SAT or ACT). That means our goal is to get our students better at content and strategies. We want their actual math and grammar to improve, and we also want their timing and elimination of answer choices skills to improve as well.

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