Two Prep Options, One Effective Approach

This is school-based prep on your terms.

We have two clear, simple options that can be tailored for your unique needs. Both programs feature live tutoring with a 99th percentile tutor, tons of online resources and incredible bang for your budget.


Includes Video Vault access and curriculum book


Includes Video Vault access and curriculum book

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Option #1: Live Online Prep

Your students log in for live sessions and have unlimited access to powerful resources

Our live online program for schools gives your students access to the same sort of course our private students take but for a significantly reduced cost. We'll build the course around your specific needs, but most schools will do 12-15 hours of instruction and have class sizes of fifteen or fewer. We can run multiple groups to acccomodate a large number of students and work around busy schedules.

Your students will each receive a copy of Solved, our curriculum book, and will have unlimited access to our Video Vault, which features 60+ HD test prep videos.

Live Online Prep for Schools

A top 1% tutor works with small groups of students in a live online format

Live Online
School Course


What's our Online Teaching Approach?

We use a combination of effective technology and an interactive teaching style to make online sessions highly effective. Take a look:

Option #2: On-Campus Weekend Intensive Course

Ten hours of in-person prep done over a three day weekend

Looking for in-person prep instead? We'll come to your place over a three day weekend (Fri-Sun or Sat-Mon) and work around your schedule. We can get a lot done in this time, and your students will learn both core concepts and test taking strategies.

On-Campus Weekend Intensive Course

Live, on-campus prep over a weekend

Weekend Intensive


Have a different type of program in mind?

We can build a program just for you. Give us a call at (866) 210-4335 or shoot us an email at to talk more.

Who are our tutors?

When it comes to hiring, our goal is to be the single most selective test prep company in existence. We start by having the most selective test score requirement in the industry: to work at Test Geek, you need a top 1% test score. That's good, but that's not enough. Plenty of people are great at the SAT or ACT but are terrible teachers. That's why we put all of our candidates through a selective teaching audition, resulting in a hiring process with a success rate of less than 3%.

Last year, we hired fewer than 3% of our tutoring applicants.