The Test Geek Guide to the ACT

Every student enrolled in a Test Geek program is given a copy of the Test Geek Guide. This book is the backbone of our programs, and it covers all of the necessary content to completely prep for the ACT.

The Test Geek Guide breaks the entire test down into question types, allowing students to learn small content areas that are essentially the building blocks of the test. This book features extensive teaching for each question type, allowing students to learn the skills they need to master every part of the test. Following each question type are targeted practice questions that allow students to test themselves on what they just learned.
We've jam-packed this book with every single skill and bit of teaching a student needs in order to get really, really good at the ACT. Every section is taught in an efficient yet thorough manner, and we've thrown in hundreds of practice problems that test what students are learning. This book is the product of everything we've learned from years of preparing students to take the ACT. There are even tips and tricks you won't find anywhere else!
We've carefully crafted hundreds of problems that effectively test students on the concepts they are learning. These questions are targeted, nuanced and closely mirror questions students will see on the actual test. There is no substitute for test-like practice, and we've found the combination of focused teaching followed by relevant, specific practice to be incredibly powerful. Best of all, we've included thorough explanations for every single question, ensuring students have the opportunity to learn the correct solution to problems they miss.

The Big Book of ACT Practice Problems

All of our students also receive The Big Book of ACT Practice Problems. It's the perfect companion to the Test Geek Guide, featuringover a thousand practice problems designed specifically to test the crucial content areas taught in the Guide. The problems are realistic, mirroring the actual test in both content and style.

The Big Book of ACT Practice Problems is also designed to work with our Adaptive Learning Platform. When our students take practice tests, our Adaptive Learning Platform analyzes their results, providing specific, custom recommendations for homework based on the student's strengths and weaknesses. The recommended homework problems are all found in this book, and all of our students will complete homework each week that is found in The Big Book of ACT Practice Problems.

Hours of Video Content Tutorials

Students enrolled in Test Geek programs have access to dozens of content video tutorials. These video feature Test Geek instructors teaching every single content area of the tests, and they're available to students 24/7.

These videos are extremely valuable because they allow students to get a refresher on any content area at any time. If they're working through their homework and hit a sticking point, they can simply log on to the Test Geek Student Portal and watch a tutor explain the concept just as he or she would in a classroom.

Test Geek offers an unparalled combination of expert instructors, effective curriculum and advanced technology.

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