18 Hours of Expert Classroom Instruction
    12 Hours of Official Practice Tests
    1500+ Practice Problems
    All for $649

Highly Engaging, Interesting and Effective. Improvement Guaranteed.

Students learn best when they're having fun. That's why all of our classes are designed from the bottom up to be engaging and interesting. Our expert tutors bring a lively dynamic to the classroom every time, creating an atmosphere that fosters active, participatory learning. To acheive this, we keep all of our classroom courses small, with a maximum of ten students.

Of course, our tutors aren't just interesting, fun people. They're also veritable SAT and ACT experts, with each one having scored in the top 1% on the test they teach. This combination of an exciting learning atmosphere and a world-class tutor is very powerful, making the value a student receives in a Test Geek classroom course simply unparalleled.

Every class is geared toward prepping a student for a specific test date, and everything that is done in class builds toward that student knocking it out of the park on test day. We'll meet six times for three hours each time, covering new material, reviewing the old stuff and always presenting new challenges that allow for improvement. There will also be three official practice tests, and each one of these will be analyzed by our Adaptive Learning Platform, customizing the student's homework plan to ensure the largest score improvment possible.

It's such an incredibly powerful combination of prep tools that we guarantee our students will see score increases.*

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Great Tutors Ask Great Questions

We firmly believe in what is called the Socratic Method. If you've ever read much about Socrates, you know he liked to ask questions. Asking questions can help lead a person to discover things they already know and learn to reason better with information they already have. These are vital skills on the SAT and ACT, which is why we believe great tutors ask great questions. Our classroom courses utilize the Socratic Method, and all of our instructors are trained on how to ask questions that will develop these skills in students.

All Courses Include

Guaranteed Score Improvement

We guarantee students in our classroom courses will see score improvements. We back this guarantee up with free prep until the student's score goes up.*

Three Official Practice Tests

There is no substitute for practicing on the real deal, so all of our classroom courses include three official, timed practice tests with detailed results reports.

Curriculum Set

Every student receives a copy of the Test Geek Guide and our exclusive 1500+ Practice Problems, both of which are only available in Test Geek programs.

Adaptive Learning Plan

Our Adaptive Learning Platform analyzes student performance on practice tests and provides every student with a customized study and homework plan.

Video Access for Every Session

Miss a class or want to watch an instructor explain something again? No problem -- all of our class sessions are available to students online 24/7.

Six Months of Online Access

Enrollment in a Test Geek classroom course gives a student online access to session videos, practice problems and tutorials for six full months.

The most effective, powerful prep course available is waiting for you.

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