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    highly effective curriculum delivered
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Don't let geography limit the quality of your tutoring.

The quality of tutor you hire has a big impact on the amount of improvement your student sees. Fortunately, we are able to utilize some incredibly powerful online teaching tools that allow us to teach just as effectively from across the country as we can from across the room. Utilizing the BrainCert platform, our tutors can be face-to-face with our students while writing on a whiteboard in real time, posting practice problems and watching students work through concepts.

These tools mean our online students get the same quality of instruction as our live private tutoring students. Our online students also receive the same curriculum books and have access to the same video tutorials, practice problems and resources as our live students. We even have an online proctor for practice tests, ensuring that all aspects of our live tutoring program are replicated in our online program.

So what are the perks of online tutoring? For starters, this is the most convenient option available. Your student can do sessions at a time that works for him or her without having to coordinate meeting location logistics. More importantly for students who do not live in Denver, Boulder or Colorado Springs, you can get our industry-leading tutors no matter where you live. It's tough to find genuinely talented, qualified tutors -- we know because we spend a lot of time recruiting and training these people. There's no denying, however, that the quality of the tutor is the single biggest factor in effective tutoring. It simply makes sense to go with the best tutor you can find, regardless of geographic location. Test Geek tutors are absolutely unparalled in the industry because our tutor requirements and training program are unparalelled. Simply put, no matter where you live, you can now hire the best tutors on the market.

Online Private Tutoring Packages

Why Test Geek Online?

What's Included

All of our online packages include everything that comes in our face-to-face packages.


All sessions are conducted live and one-on-one with an expert Test Geek tutor. The tutor and student are face-to-face via webcam, and they can both work in real time on a shared whiteboard.

Proctored Practice Tests

Online students take the same official practice tests our traditional students do. Our online proctor systems performs the role of starting and stopping the test in a realistic, test-day manner.


Just like our traditional students, our online students have access to our vast library of resources, including dozens of video content tutorials, thousands of practice problems and much more.

Curriculum Books

We ship every online tutoring student our set of curriculum books, which includes the Test Geek Guide and our book of practice problems, both of which are only available to our students.

The Best Tutoring Available, Regardless of Location

Test Geek offers several very important advantages over the competition. These advantages make it worth going with a Test Geek online program rather than a traditional program from a lesser prep company.

All of our SAT and ACT tutors have scored in the top 1% on the test they teach. This is the highest standard in the industry, and is in some cases much, much higher than national competitors. However, our tutors aren't just really bright. We aren't into hiring geniuses who can't connect with students and can't run an engaging, fun session. Test Geek tutors have also gone through multiple rounds of auditions to prove their ability to make learning fun and to articulate information in a clear, easily understood manner. We pay our instructors much more than the industry standard because we are only interested in hiring and training the best.
There is simply no substitute for official practice tests. By "official practice tests," we mean tests that come straight from the actual makers of the SAT and ACT rather than some third party company. No third-party tests are going to be able to perfectly replicate the questions found on the real tests. More importantly, no third-party tests are going to be able to provide accurate practice test scoring that actually translates to the real test. At Test Geek, our students only take official tests, and we use their scores on practice exams to guide our creation of their homework plans and tutoring sessions. This allows students to have an accurate idea of how they are performing and what to expect on test day.
All of our students have their practice tests analyzed by our Adaptive Learning Platform. We have placed every question on every test into one of dozens and dozens of subcategories, and our software analyzes how students are performing in each of these specific content areas. Gone are the days of only thinking about how a student is doing in math or English. Instead, we identify how students are doing in very small categories within math and English (and other subjects), allowing us to give them the most targeted homework assignments possible. The improvement that comes from this kind of targeted, specific approach can't be overstated. Students simply see more improvement in less time.

Test Geek Online Private Tutoring Packages

We have a package designed to fit your situation. If you are uncertain about which package is best for you, give us a call so we can better discuss your needs. Like all of our programs, online tutoring packages come with our score improvement guarantee.*

12 Hours


  • 6 Sessions
  • 4 Official Practice Tests
  • 6 Months Online Access
  • Best for students needing moderate score improvements



  • 12 Sessions
  • 5 Official Practice Tests
  • 12 Months Online Access
  • Best for students needing moderate to large score improvements



  • 18 Sessions
  • Unlimited Official Practice Tests
  • Unlimited Online Access
  • Best for students needing large score improvements



  • 25 Sessions
  • Unlimited Official Practice Tests
  • Unlimited Online Access
  • College Essay assistance included
  • Best for students needing the largest score improvement possible