The Flex Prep™ Online SAT Prep Class: A Better SAT Score in Five Weeks

Your best score is ready.

Our Flex Prep™ Online SAT prep classes place your student in a small group with a dynamic top 1% instructor. We'll reveal important test-taking strategies as well as review critical academic concepts. Progress will be measured with proctored official practice tests, and scores will go up in just five weeks.

10 Instruction Sessions + 3 Proctored Practice Tests


Better Instructors Mean Better Scores

Online SAT Prep Classes: Find Your Class

We have an online SAT prep class for every national SAT test date. Select your class below to view the full schedule and register.

Flex Prep™ Class for March 12, 2022 SAT Date

Instruction Sessions: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6-7:30 PM CST

Proctored Practice Tests: Saturdays, 10 AM CST


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Flex Prep™ Class for May 7, 2022 SAT Date

Instruction Sessions: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6-7:30 PM CST

Proctored Practice Tests: Saturdays, 10 AM CST


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Flex Prep™ Class for June 4, 2022 SAT Date

Instruction Sessions: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6-7:30 PM CST

Proctored Practice Tests: Saturdays, 10 AM CST


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Take a Look at our Approach

Our online SAT prep classes feature teachnology that makes the online setting "invisible," allowing the material and strategies to be the focus instead of a clunky online platform. The result is your student gets to focus on learning and time is used efficiently

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Flex Prep™: Live Instruction, Powerful Online Tools

Our Flex Prep™ classes feature small group sizes (fewer than 10 students) and mix live top 1% instruction with powerful score-raising resources. We'll cover vital academic concepts as well as test taking strategies, and students will take official practice tests to get ready for test day. Add in unlimited access to our Video Vault and physical resources, like our Magic Pack and Test Prep Essentials, and your student's best score is within reach.

Want to hear what the instructor said one more time? No problem: Students get unlimited access to session recordings, too. Flex Prep™ is the best combination of live instruction, physical resources and online tools.

A higher tutor standard means better scores for your student.

Tutor quality is the single most important component of test prep, and our goal is to be the pickiest prep provider in existence. We start with a top 1% score requirement, which immediately cuts 99% of the population out of consideration. But high test scores don't ensure a good tutor, so we then have candidates go through teaching auditions. Once we make those cuts, we then put tutors through our proprietary training program. It's a selective process that yields a better experience for your student.

Last year, we hired fewer than 3% of our tutoring applicants.


Our Tutoring Success Stories

SAT prep

My tutor was beyond the best tutor I’ve had. She personalized each session based on my needs and taught me a different perspective on how to tackle the SAT with strategies and techniques that helped me on test day!


Real Test Geek Student

ACT prep

This tutoring program was recommended to me by a friend who had amazing results. I loved the very flexible scheduling and how engaging the program is. I was very hesitant at first, but my tutor made it a very fun environment.


Real Test Geek Student


Check the SAT off your student's to-do list and move on. Get the score you need now.

Online SAT Prep Classes FAQ

Our online SAT prep classes are the perfect combination of live top 1% instruction and powerful score-raising resources. Below are our answers to some of the most common questions we get.

How large are your classes?

Students learn best when they're heard and not just a face in the crowd. That's why we have a hard cap of ten students in every online SAT prep class we run. Some classes are even smaller. But small class sizes aren't enough. Our instructors actively solicit engagement from students, making our classes interactive participatory sessions.

What is included with each online SAT prep class?

Our Flex Prep™ classes comes with tons of tools beyond the sessions themselves. In addition to the ten instruction sessions and three practice tests, your student will receive unlimited access to our Video Vault, which includes 60+ HD test prep videos. Every concept we teach has its own video. Your student will also receive our Test Geek Magic Pack, which includes our curriculum book, Solved and an official practice test book. Finally, your registration also includes our Test Prep Essentials flash card set, which includes 100 concept and strategy flash cards.

What if a student can't make it to one of the class sessions?

Every session we run is recorded and available for unlimited viewing afterward. Your student can watch the session, and our instructors are available for any questions your student might have. Further, every session starts with a homework review and question time, so your student will have ample opportunity to ask any remaining questions he or she has about the previous session.

Do your online SAT prep classes cover everything a student needs to know?

Yes! Our prep classes are comprehensive, meaning they cover all content and all strategies that are needed for the SAT. Our students actually get better at math, grammar, etc. But this test demands more than just content knowledge, so we also cover strategy issues like timing, elimination of answer choices and recognizing question types. In addition, we give the most classroom time to the areas most likely to be tested. Finally, the process of students taking practice tests while the class is running allows both the instructor and the student to keep close tabs on how progress is being made and where the biggest opportunities for improvement lie.

What are the instructors' qualifications?

This is a really important question to ask. Nothing makes a bigger difference in the test prep classroom experience than the quality of the instructor. It is hands-down the most important thing in this process. Our instructors have several important distinctions. First, they have all scored in the top 1% on the test they teach. That is an incredibly high standard, and it is far higher than that of most companies offering test prep. However, being great at the SAT doesn't mean someone can teach those tests. We want instructors who can connect with students, so we put all of our tutor candidates through multiple rounds of teaching auditions to make sure they are good educators rather than just brainiacs. Finally, all of our instructors have graduated from top universities. We don't hire undergraduates. This combination of maturity, expertise and teaching ability is powerful, and it has a proven record of producing serious score improvements.

Should I pick an online SAT prep class or online private tutoring?

Both programs are likely useful for most students, but there are some important differences that might make one a better choice than the other. First, both programs use the same instructors and the same curriculum. The primary difference is simply in the setting (one-on-one vs. group). Due to the nature of group classes, they often work best for students who are scoring somewhere near the national average. If your score is already 1400 (far above the national average) and you are looking to get to 1550, SAT tutoring might be a better option. With that said, we have had plenty of students with exceptionally high or low scores have great success with our SAT prep classes. Another situation that might be a difference maker is if a student needs attention primarily in one area rather than on the entire test. For example, four private tutoring sessions that focus solely on SAT math would probably be more effective at raising only the math score than our group class would be. Finally, the group class follows a set schedule, but private tutoring is scheduled directly with the tutor, making it much more flexible.

I'm worried about the online format. My student sometimes checks out. Is that a problem?

Like sushi and haircuts, not all online teaching formats are created equal. Self-paced, "automatic" programs rely on the student being self-motivated and engaged. Some students aren't those things, so this isn't a self-paced program. Rather, this is a live program taught through a format that mimics in-person instruction well. We keep class sizes small, homework is out of paper-based tests and the instructor actively solicits engagement from students.

I want to prep for both the SAT and ACT. What should I sign up for?

There are a couple options. One is to sign up for one of our SAT prep classes and then add a couple sessions of private tutoring to cover the differences present on the ACT. The SAT and ACT are very similar now, so this option works well. The other option is to simply sign up for private tutoring. All of our private tutoring options can hit both the SAT and ACT. We've had plenty of students take both routes, so give us a call to talk about what might be best for you.

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