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SAT and ACT books

Powerful, score-raising tools come standard.

Test Geek programs are loaded with resources, including our Test Geek Magic Pack, which features our Solved curriculum book, an official practice test book and our Test Prep Essentials flash card set. Additionally, students have unlimited access to our Video Vault, which includes 60+ HD test prep content videos.

Value Beyond Hours

We don't just sell tutoring hours. We offer comprehensive plans that deliver time with top 1% tutors plus serious tools to get better scores.

Our books act as guides for sessions, allowing tutors to customize the program while simultaneously having useful practice problems at hand. Our HD online videos cover nearly every concept we teach in sessions, giving students a chance to reinforce concepts covered with their tutor.

Finally, we believe official practice tests are the only accurate practice tests, so we exclusively use the real deal for homework between sessions.

Test Geek Magic Pack

We'll send your Magic Pack right to your door. Inside, you'll find our Solved curriculum book, an official practice test book and our Test Prep Essentials flash card set. It's like a better score in a box.

Solved: The Test Geek Guide

Our book, Solved, is one of the only test prep books designed to work with tutors. It's a resource for your tutor to design your student's program based on their unique strengths and weaknesses.

Video Vault

We sat down and made a list of every concept we regularly teach. We then produced an HD video, featuring one of our top 1% tutors, for every concept. No other video series compares.

Test Prep Essentials

The SAT and ACT don't test much hard vocabulary anymore, but that doesn't mean flash cards aren't useful. Our set of 100 cards covers strategy, concept recognition and more.

Video Vault: Take a Look

Here's a sample video from our Video Vault. Students have access to over 60 HD test prep concept videos.

Test Prep Essentials cards make the important stuff the automatic stuff.

The days of vocabulary flash cards for the SAT and ACT are over. But that doesn't mean flash cards can't be extremely useful for strategies and concept reinforcement. We've developed a set of 100 flash cards that cover everything from sentence structure to math problem type recognition..

SAT flash cards

We love to be a resource for parents. We've created a guide with everything parents need to know about testing.

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