Your student learns better when he or she is not just a face in the crowd. That's why we allow a maximum of ten students in our prep courses. These small class sizes, combined with instructors who have scored in the top 1% on the SAT, are vital to your son or daughter getting the biggest improvement possible.

99th Percentile Instructors

All of our instructors have scored in the top 1% on the SAT or ACT. In addition, they have gone through multiple rounds of teaching auditions to make sure they can connect with students in the classroom.

25+ Hours of SAT Prep

All prep classes meet six times (2.5 hours each) for instruction sessions and three times for official practice tests, totalling more than 25 hours of quality classroom prep.

Small Class Sizes

Our SAT prep classes are really more like small groups. All classes have a hard cap of ten students, ensuring small student:teacher ratios and plenty of individual attention for your student.

Official SAT Practice Tests

There is simply no substitute for practicing on official SAT practice tests, so all of our classes utilize real exams that have been released by College Board for both testing and homework purposes.

Targeted SAT Homework

Practice is a big part of improvement, so all students receive homework out of real exams that is designed to reflect what has been covered in class. Homework is reviewed at the start of every class session.

Prep Classes for Every Test Date

All of our prep classes are designed to lead students up to a particular test date, and we offer a classroom course for every official test date. Picking your course is as easy as picking your test date.

25+ hours of prep, 6 teaching sessions and 3 practice tests, all for just $799.


Testimonials From Our Customers

Sophie got a 33 (top 1%) on her ACT! She was offered a full ride from KU in the chemical engineering program. She will be starting in the Fall. Thank you so much for your help with all of this wonderful news. :). It was well worth the work and investment in your program.

Katie H., Test Geek Parent

I have never been more pleased with a company for its attention to detail and concern for its customers! My daughter improved her score by over 300 points! I would highly and without reservation recommend Test Geek for ANY student's SAT prep.

Sheena M., Test Geek Parent

Our son did their SAT tutoring program last fall, and I have nothing but great things to say about this place. Our son's SAT score was in the low 1200s. After Test Geek, he got a 1410! He is so happy about it, and we are so thankful that we picked you. A+!

Dennis C., Test Geek Parent

I did the private tutoring program, and my tutor was the best. From the beginning, I knew that my score was going to go up. My teacher was able to break the test down in ways I hadn't even thought of, and I am so happy because I got into my first choice college!

Ariana N., Test Geek Student

"Hi, Test Geek -- Lisa M. here. April took the SAT prep class in August from you. Just wanted to let you know that yesterday she received her acceptance letter from her first choice college. She also received a significant scholarship. I really believe she wouldn't have been accepted or received the scholarship without the good scores she got on her SAT after she took your course. I really appreciate your attention to the students and having instructors they can relate to. It was totally worth every penny. Thank you so much again!!"

Lisa M, Test Geek Parent



Our SAT prep classes meet six times for instruction with our top 1% tutors. We cover all aspects of the test, including underlying content (algebra, grammar, etc.) and test-taking strategies.


Your student won't have any surprises on test day because our program includes three official, proctored practice tests that are graded with our proprietary software that gives loads of data on performance.


In between every session, students will be assigned homework out of official practice tests. The first thing we will do at the start of the next session is grade, score and review this homework.


The best test prep in the world is useless if it doesn't happen at the right time. That's why all of our SAT prep classes are designed to lead students right up to their chosen test date.

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Our SAT prep courses place small groups (class sizes < 10) of students with highly-qualified 99th percentile tutors to prepare for specific test dates. We've answered most of the questions we often receive below, but if we haven't answered yours, feel free to give us a call at 1-866-210-4335 .

How large are your classes?

We have a hard cap of ten students, but most of our courses are more like 5-8 students. We intentionally keep our SAT prep courses small because we think this fosters a better learning environment. We want students to feel comfortable enough to ask questions as they arise and for the instructor to have a good feel for what is going on with each student.

What is included with each SAT prep course?

Registration includes all curriculum materials and admission to all class meetings. Each class includes six instruction sessions, each of which lasts 2.5 hours, and three full-length official practice tests. This comes out to a little over 25 hours of preparation, not including the homework that is assigned during each instruction session.

What if a student can't make it to one of the class sessions?

This is actually quite common, and in most cases, it isn't a big deal. If a student is going to be missing one of the practice tests, which are typically held on Saturdays, we can give the student the materials to take the test at his or her convenience. We will still grade the test using our adaptive software like we would have had the test been taken with us on the scheduled date. If the student is going to miss a classroom session, we can arrange for the instructor to do a makeup session one-on-one with the student at a time that works. Every student receives one free makeup session for missed classroom days. If your student is going to have more than one missed session, give us a call. We can most likely figure out something that will work.

Do your SAT prep courses cover everything a student needs to know?

Yes! Our courses are comprehensive, meaning they cover all content and all strategies that are needed for the SAT. Our students actually get better at math, grammar, etc. But this test demands more than just content knowledge, so we also cover strategy issues like timing, elimination of answer choices and recognizing question types. In addition, we give the most classroom time to the areas most likely to be tested. Finally, the process of students taking practice tests while the class is running allows both the instructor and the student to keep close tabs on how progress is being made and where the biggest opportunities for improvement lie.

What are the instructors' qualifications?

This is a really important question to ask. Nothing makes a bigger difference in the test prep classroom experience than the quality of the instructor. It is hands-down the most important thing in this process. Our instructors have several important distinctions. First, they have all scored in the top 1% on the test they teach. That is an incredibly high standard, and it is far higher than that of most companies offering test prep. However, being great at the SAT doesn't mean someone can teach those tests. We want instructors who can connect with students, so we put all of our tutor candidates through multiple rounds of teaching auditions to make sure they are good educators rather than just brainiacs. Finally, all of our instructors have graduated from top universities. We don't hire undergraduates. This combination of maturity, expertise and teaching ability is powerful, and it has a proven record of producing serious score improvements.

Should I pick an SAT prep class or private tutoring?

Both programs are likely useful for most students, but there are some important differences that might make one a better choice than the other. First, both programs use the same instructors and the same curriculum. The primary difference is simply in the setting (one-on-one vs. group). Due to the nature of group courses, they often work best for students who are scoring somewhere near the national average. If your score is already 1400 (far above the national average) and you are looking to get to 1550, SAT tutoring might be a better option. With that said, we have had plenty of students with exceptionally high or low scores have great success with our SAT prep classes. Another situation that might be a difference maker is if a student needs attention primarily in one area rather than on the entire test. For example, four private tutoring sessions that focus solely on SAT math would probably be more effective at raising only the math score than our classroom course would be. Finally, the classroom course follows a set schedule, but private tutoring is scheduled directly with the tutor, making it much more flexible.

I have some friends or siblings who would also like to do test prep. Do you offer small group tutoring?

Yes. We have an excellent program for groups of students who would like to prep together. The discount gets larger as more students are added, and these programs represent one of the best values we offer. We have had groups of four or five students go through extensive, customized prep at very low prices. We can do these sorts of groups with as few as two students. Just give us a call to talk specifics.

I want to prep for both the SAT and ACT. What should I sign up for?

There are a couple options. One is to sign up for one of our SAT prep classes and then add a couple sessions of private tutoring to cover the differences present on the ACT. The SAT and ACT are very similar now, so this option works well. The other option is to simply sign up for private tutoring. All of our private tutoring options can hit both the SAT and ACT. We've had plenty of students take both routes, so give us a call to talk about what might be best for you.

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